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Audiophile sound by DIXO Audio for turntable cartridge amplifier technology ....

The complete electronic Kit is phono cartridge amplifier + headphone amplifier + balanced line output (regulable) + low noise power supply. It is our solution for vinyl enthusiasts how want to upgrade own turntable for modern maximum tecnology. The main idie is to make the amplifier PCB so small and tiny, that allow to place it, close it to phono cartridge less than one inch. It is give significant reduce the noise floor for incoming signal. Also the kit contain earnestly headphone amplifier and balanced line output.
The interconnection is:
1) PCB-1 (35*15mm) left output connect to PCB-2 (30*100mm) left input
2) PCB-1 right output connect to PCB-2 right input
3) PCB-1 and PCB-2 the +VDC and -VDC connect to power supply
4) All grounds PCB-1 and PCB-2 (except ground of balanced output) and power supply and AC receptacle must connected.
5) Connect left and right balanced output to connector XLR accordantly. The ground of balanced output connect to ground connector XLR only.

WARNING Use solder tool with ground. Use all precaution for antistatic when solder.

WARNING For optimal performance, requires a grounded AC receptacle or a separate earth ground. Ensure the proper grounding of your system.

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