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The third generation (launched at Jan.2020) portable USB/SPDIF DAC builded by R-2R resistor ladder multibit multiplying current-output DAC chip LTC2753 from Linear Technology Corporation

Operational of DAC

An available SPDIF (20-100KHz auto) TOSLINK or wire (RCA) as source for signal for DAC. If source of spdif is PC or laptop as can to adjust the volume from PC or laptop in application window or/and bottem bar.
If source of spdif is CD/DVD Players or Portable players, as some Players has a volume adjust and some not. You need for adjust possibility. For use spdif source you need powered the DAC by "USB mini PWR power jack".

An available USB (48K/16b) from PC or laptop. Plug USB cable to DAC, either mini or micro. No need a special driver because all major OS has reliese USB Audio 1. In general USB of PC or laptop has a sufficient power for powered of DAC, therefore to add additional power by "USB mini PWR power jack" is senseless. For USB release the volume can to adjust by open application window(for WIN10). Unfortunately some sites in internet has incorrect volume behavior or unadjust volume ... sad, though download and install a "volume control" application can to solve it problem.

USB On-The-Go (OTG):
Almost all TABLETs has USB On-The-Go. Unfortunately not all smartphones has USB On-The-Go. This DAC has a more then 100 mA power consuption, therefore, some USB-OTG devices can to support it self, and some can't. In both cases you can to connect to PWR power jack additional power for solver it problem. (Please note: USB-OTG protocol exchange, a bit complicated, then standard protocol exchange of USB, plus old version drivers can to appear to stall of USB bus. For avoid this situation we recomend to us next 2 rules. 1) Do not plug or unplug USB and USB PWR power cable when the DAC in power ON. 2) Do not switch OFF the DAC before you pause/stop or close application on source device. ........ If you anywere enter to stall as you need to stop an aplication on source device and close it. Start aplication again)

  • DAC has levels of scale amplification, Low and High. The switch on front panel next to headphone jack. The power of headphone amplifier enough for any types of headphones and can driving T1/600 even.

  • Power switch on. Allow to you send the DAC to sleep mode without detach power or USB cabel. On front panel an exist two green LED. The left LED is signal the DAC either ON or OFF. The second right LED indecate that an additional PWR power is source power selected now.

  • Additional PWR power USB mini jack. We are pursue a non battery politic. Instead of battery inside, the DAC has a USB mini PWR power jack. It allow you do not dependent from battery charge. Merely connect to PWR jack a Power Bank - 5V or AC-DC - 5V adapter or USB laptop or USB hab. It make you free for souce of power for DAC. The choose of source of power, "Power Bank - 5V or AC-DC - 5V adapter or USB laptop or hab" do not influence to quality of sound.

  • Internal auto router seek the valid source signal for TOSLINK, RCA and USB and attach - detach automatically.

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