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DIXO Audio

Audiophile sound by Sigma-Delta DAC technology ....

This Sigma-Delta DAC maintain a maximum performance for used Sigma-Delta chip DAC technology. If you want a more microdetails (resolution) and as consequence a more quality of sound, please reffer to our R2R technology DAC's. An internal router is control of  Digital inputs and if the router detect a valid PCM signal from any digital input, than the router hold this input as signal source, until an error and/or lost PCM stream. Hence, no need to switch of digital inputs manualy, the switch has do it automate.

WARNING For optimal performance, the DAC requires a grounded AC receptacle or a separate earth ground. Ensure the proper grounding of your system.

General description Digital-to-analogue converter DAC DIXO
Chip Resolution 24 bits Maximum
Sampling Frequency USB 16bit/48 KHz
Sampling Frequency coaxial and optical
Full ready for Hi-Rez files (96-192 KHz)
Sampling Frequency of DAC chip
Digital input 1 coaxial (phono jack), 1 Toslink, 1 USB (auto router embedded)
Digital output 1 coaxial (phono jack)
Audio output voltage RCA (phono jack) 3.1Vpp 10Hz ~ 25kHz
THD 0.001%
Frequency response 10Hz - 25kHz
Dynamic range A wtd 1kHz 110dB;
Crosstalk 1kHz 112dB
Dimensions WHD 270 x 70 x 220 (mm)
Net weight 1.7 kg
Power supply 90-265Vac (auto)

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