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Audiophile grade "stereo" from loudspeakers ....

The stereo power amplifier is a 2 * 55 Wrms for 8Ω loudspeakers design, featuring a balanced input, to take advantage of the DIXO’s R-2R multibit DAC XLR output. The device is benefit by small aluminium casework and clever power supplie, and perfectly match for DIXO’s R-2R multibit DAC by same of philosofy of design.

When connecting to any equipment, make sure that all devices are off.

General description stereo power amplifier
Audio balanced inpit (XLR connector) 20Vpp(∓20dBu) 10Hz ~ 60kHz
THD 0.01%
Dimensions WHD 270 x 70 x 220 (mm)
Net weight 3 kg
Power supply 90-265Vac (auto)

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